Check In , while we check out of Level-5
April 30, 2020  

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We hope you have all managed to keep yourselves motivated and busy while weathering the Lockdown at home.

 We are pleased to have seen a lot of diligence in terms of getting workouts done, doing some different things and imaginative things to keep the training regimes going, and keeping minds sane and bodies fit.


With many different platforms available, it has been encouraging to group together from time to time on the Zwift platform, and others on Rouvy, doing group meet-ups where we have been able to virtually ride with others over various virtual routes, while suffering on a carpet at different corners of the earth! These have sometimes been rather tough, and at other times more fun than hard, but have brought some of the social and competitive element into our indoor training regimes.



There have been some people who have not had the opportunity to train on any smart devices, but have done well to etch that single track line into the lawn, or hone the full body workout routines into a steady habit. We are proud of you! Well done and keep it going!

The government has announced the change of restriction from Level-5 to a Level-4 in South Africa, so what this means for those that wish to exercise, is that you may now leave your homes and may exercise within a 5 km radius of your home, between the times of 6am and 9am. However this is still to be done alone or with the people you reside with. Social distancing still to be adhered to. Masks have been recommended, so riding with a buff makes sense, which can be moved up and down as needed, as you would do in winter. One word of caution though, when riding alone, ride where you know it to be safe! Be cautious!

I think there is a bit of grey area here, but we owe it to ourselves to do the morally correct thing, and stick to the guidelines that the government has laid out. We all want to go back to explore our favourite routes with our groups of friends, but now is NOT the time. I am sure that just getting out, making a route around your suburbs, will be a welcome relief to the laps of the carpet that we have all become so accustomed to…

Check out how far you should be allowed to go: 5kmfromhome

We would like to suggest that you make use of the time to go outside, and on certain days, go and ride responsibly. We still recommend the indoor structure and possible Zwift Meet-Ups, as they are fun, and still some proper solid workout sessions, along with the social element that is not yet allowed outside.



There have been some interesting home sessions and challenges that people have taken part in. Long distance virtual events, short distance team time trials, which we have taken part in on Tuesdays on Zwift. Some folks have done some massive efforts in their gardens. Some very imaginative things.



We stand by our earlier comments at the beginning of the Lockdown, hoping that common sense prevails, and that we be fit, fresh and motivated to go out and push hard once the time is right.




Go forth responsibly and Ride those bikes, keep it safe!



Check out our video of a coffee ride in Lockdown!




Stay safe!





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