Lockdown Training
March 26, 2020  

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It almost feels like the day before the start of the holidays... with all the mad rush at the shops and people preparing to be at home! However, this isn’t the time to be feeling jolly and festive.


We firmly believe that we are given these challenges for a greater reason and while there is fear and uncertainty, we must not forget to be thankful for the blessings we do have and experience every day. We have certainly been humbled by this virus and now is the time to do all we can to be responsible citizens, to take this time at home to reflect and breathe, and to remain positive. As we know in endurance sport, the mind is 50% of your performance so let’s try our best to look for the positives while at home and share these vibes and support one another (albeit through technology and not physical contact) and we will emerge stronger…. and maybe….more grounded in what is really most important in the chaos of our lives ;-)
On the training side of things, you may be wondering why we are not putting out any performance challenges, competitions, or big goals to reach during this lockdown period….


Our position is one of maintaining health and wellbeing, rather than pushing Training Stress Scores, load and FTP build. With no pressing event deadlines at this stage we prefer scheduling workouts of easy to moderate intensity to keep the fitness ticking over and the mind refreshed. Bearing in mind that anyone may be infected with this virus for up to 14 days before knowing it, it would be irresponsible to schedule high intensity workouts that would potentially exacerbate severity of the illness and/or depress immunity unnecessarily.
Take note of the following so as to ensure a productive 21 days of lockdown training:

·         Most important, if you are feeling particularly tired or have a scratchy throat or slight fever, please rest until feeling 100% before doing any further training.
·         Don’t be tempted to push more than the scheduled workout TSS, no matter how strong you are feeling ;-)
·         Suggested Max indoor training time 1h30 for a single session.
·         Refrain from any grocery shopping for at least 2hrs after doing a workout. This allows the body time to pump up immunity again before facing any potential germs.
·         Ensure proper hydration during your workout and on a daily basis.
·         Take your L-Glutamine after every workout as it boosts immunity.
·         Continue with multivitamins/immune boosters/Vit C, zinc.
·         Don’t fall into the binge eating trap just because you’re at home…. 80 – 20% rule…make family members accountable, and vice versa !
·         Many are the A-Type athlete, but don’t feel guilty for not doing more & not pushing harder. The time will come for doing that again
·         Take this opportunity to incorporate some extra strength work at home .

Take care of yourselves and your families…


The Team @ White Inc.

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