COVID-19 White Inc. update & how to ride safely
March 16, 2020  

Supplied by White Inc Administrator from White Inc
With the latest developments regarding COVID-19 we thought it may be wise to share some info regarding the continuing of training regimes - how, where, what and with whom ;-)


Trying to separate the hysteria from some practical points of taking action and staying healthy is important in the days to come.

We have found an informative article that we would like to encourage you to read, giving some pointers as to how to move forward with your training and when to be reasonable and rest. Keeping active is an important part of maintaining health and promoting personal well being, but doing it responsibly is top-of-mind right now. Despite many events being cancelled at this point, maintaining a regular rhythm of structured training while monitoring your social interactions and practising good personal hygiene and hand-washing, will make a difference in how we continue a mostly ‘normal’ everyday routine.

We will continue with programs as normal and will be in touch where applicable with regards to athletes who have had events/races cancelled. Importantly, please ensure that if you do start feeling unwell that you stop training and let us know. Being mindful that any intense workouts do create some immune vulnerability, we will structure workouts that don’t create overly high TSS impact but still give you training effect. Ensure that you are fuelling your body pre/during and post workouts so as to give your body the tools it needs to be strong and resilient, and reduce any unnecessary personal contact where possible (I think as athletes we are pretty good at doing this already ;-)!

If you are one of those that train in the gym and are wanting a more home-based option for now, we have some rental and purchase options available on our trainers.

Please get in touch if you have any concerns or questions, but we will be maintaining normal interactions as per your coaching package.

Keep pedalling and take care!


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