Training Camp Plans for Afriski
December 26, 2018  

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Hello everyone! We hope you have all had some good holidays! Now the training has started and we hope you have made use of the quiet roads and hopefully more time to ride.

We are looking forward to the trip into Lesotho, to enjoy the riding at higher altitudes, with the cooler weather that we may find there.

PASSPORTS - Please don’t forget a valid passport. No visa required for SA citizen or many other passports. If you self drive, you can bring your car papers, although we have never been asked, better to have them with you.  

For u18 guys traveling with us or children with parents, please read the following and prepare what is needed:

Consent forms

More info for parents with Children

I have a list of the planned rides, and these are just a template that can be readjusted as needed, dependent on how everyone is faring and also dependent on weather, as we will be based up high, and the climbs will be descended before we climb them, so you can choose how long you want your climb to be!

Day 1 - 55km Afriski - Tlaeeng & return (880m altitude gain)

This is the afternoon ride once we get to Lesotho, and just a chance to get a feel of the land.



Day 2 - 110 km Afriski - A1 Climb to the sky (Experience the 14km Climb ave 6% 2200m - 3100m Altitude) 2300m Altitude gain for the day

This is the first big day, and again, the pass is descended first, so a chance to decide how much climbing you are up prepared to do, rather than the whole lot which will take an hour or more to climb.



Day 3 - 125km Afriski - Tlaeeng Pass - Oxbow - Mahlaseala pass (10 km Climb ave 7% 2400m - 3200m ) Total 2800m altitude gain for the day.

Hopefully we are feeling a bit better at the altitude, and again, a chance to do as much or little as you are comfortable with.



Day 4 - 136km - Afriski - Tlokoeng and return Up A1 Climb to the Sky - 2900m Altitude gain.

The final big day, hopefully we are feeling good and can descent to the lower levels and ride there for a bit before the return.




Departure time:

Monday 31st December - 08h00 meet at 45 Chester rd, Parkwood for those that travel with us. (drive through Bethlehem to Fouriesburg before entry into Lesotho. Expect arrival at Afriski from 13h30)

Afternoon ride from 15h00 if our timing is good. (2 hours approx ride time)

We will aim to depart each day at around 08h00 - 08h30 (weather dependent and temperature)

Please expect that the weather is NOT likely to be warm, and you should bring warm clothing. There is always chance of rainfall, and the mountains can be unpredictable, so having your warm gear and not using it, is better than not having it at all and needing it.

Please give me a shout if you are uncertain of what to bring. (usually riding gear, under garments, arms/leg warmers, Buff, Caps, booties, warm gloves, rain jackets etc.)

For your bikes, gearing minimum is 39t small chainring and 28t rear cog. If you have lighter gearing feel free to bring with you. I will have a range of spare wheels and tyres / tubes etc. Tools and bike wash stand etc.

On the final day we could do a short ride before we depart. We expect to be back in JHB by 15h00 on friday 4 January,

If you have any further questions, please wattapp on the group, or give me a call.

Looking forward to riding with you all.

Kind regards

Nic & Di










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