White Inc. Winter Update
July 10, 2018  

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So the winter freeze has descended this past week for sure and has reminded us all that it is ACTUALLY winter!


Hopefully the motivation hasn’t dipped as low as the temperatures though as thankfully Le Tour has started on the weekend and now we all have a good reason to sit on the trainers in front of the telly ;-)



It’s been a bit of a rough start for some of the top contenders as well as our own Daryl Impey, but these guys are tough as nails, getting up to face another day as if nothing has happened (take note soccer players!). One really gets a sense of what it means to these guys to be riding the tour when you see the tears of Lawson Cradock after his nasty fall!

Interesting Links:

Watch out for links to power data analyses during the Tour (done by TrainingPeaks) as well as rider training insights on how the contenders for different aspects of the Tour are specifically conditioned:  TrainingPeaks/TourdeFrance

It is interesting to note that strength conditioning is playing more and more of a starring role in these athlete’s training regimes and it’s something that we at WhiteInc are trying to get our athletes more focused on including as part of their weekly schedule. With this in mind, have a read of this article: ImprovingCyclingPower


As a start, we have asked a well respected Pilates instructor in the industry to put together two strength programs for cyclists that can be done at home and/or in the gym. We will be launching these in the next 2 weeks, so keep an eye on your inbox for details.


Bike Adventures in 2018:

In addition to some Corporate Tours WhiteInc will be involved with in the next few months, we have also put together an interesting new take on the classic trip to the Amashova!

Please take a look and let us know asap if this is of any interest as we would like to finalise it soon: October Gravel Escape.

The October Gravel Escape is a back road ride from Harrismith to the Amashova dates 18 - 21 October 2018



We are also planning a trip to the Waterberg from 14-16 September so take a look at this option if it is of interest.

The Waterberg is close to home in Johannesburg, offering some interesting gravel & tar roads to be explored, along with plenty of game viewing opportunities.

Three days of exploring the gravel and tar in the region.



If you missed our first mail a while back with our new kit, here is another reminder! We still have some sizes in stock and can make additional orders if needs be so let us know if you’d like to sport our colours!


Short sleeved top: R750
Bib shorts: R850
Long sleeve fleece top: R1000
Gilet: R550


Bike reviews:

The new craze that is taking shape seems to be gravel riding. There are some new events cropping up, as well as some that have been going for a few years. Whiteinc. took a few adventurous folks to Lesotho on the edge of winter, with gravel bikes the chosen bike of the trip.



Take a peek at the story of the tour, and read about the bike that Nic has been testing and riding off the beaten track, the 3T Exploro

In the next few months, the racing season gets underway, and in between, we would like to get our friends together for some training rides.


White Inc. 'Pop Up' bike rides:

These are some of the dates that we have earmarked for group rides.

21st July - October Escape Group - South Ride @ 07h00 @ Mall of the South. 100km - Easy Pace

22nd July - Gravel Ride preparation for Race to the Sun @ Croft & Co @ 06h30 - Moderate ride 120km+ (5hours max)

19th August - October Escape Group - South Ride @ 07h00 @ mall of the South Entrance -  tbc.100km - Easy Pace


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Happy riding!

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