Hoffman ousts Hendricks to win his 2nd BestMed Cycle4CANSA Lost City Championship.
August 21, 2017  

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Nolan Hoffman outsprints Clint Hendricks to win his 2nd consecutive Cycle4CANSA Championship!


The BestMed Cycle4CANSA Championship was raced in chilly but favorable weather conditions on Sunday. RoadCover riders Clint Hendricks & Ryan Harris finished second & third in the bunch sprint behind the winner, defending champion Nolan Hoffman of Team BCX.

Nolan Hoffman's years of experience were used wisely as he outsprinted his RoadCover rival Clint Hendricks for the top podium spot.


The final podium at the BestMed Cycle4CANSA


The race started off with an early escape which included Hoffman, his teammate David Maree,  Brendon Davids of RoadCover & Luthando Kaka of Randwater Transnet. Their group split up under the racing pressure, but were misdirected and the race was neutralized for a few kilometers to allow a restart after 40km.

The fast and minimally undulating route did not allow for any big attacks to stay clear, but with 30 kilometers remaining a small group split off the front. Without cohesion a smaller break containing Davids and Steven Van Heerden of Team BCX went up the road. This was not destined to stay away as there was not too much agreement as to who would pace and their attacking racing slowed the duo's progress.


The start at sun-up, cold!


A bunch finish was the order of the day as Team BCX led from the front, giving Hoffman the choice of how to ride the final few hundered meters. Hendricks tried to pass on the inside, but unsuccessful in his attempt he was resigned to finish second. "I was in the sheltered side, and couldn't come through on the outside because of the leadout train," says Hendricks. "So I committed to the small gap on Nolan's left. He closed the door enough to discourage me, I made a protest, but this was his day. I was feeling fast enough, but couldn't get through so this race goes to Nolan."

The young trainee rider for RoadCover, Ryan Harris (previously Team Genaysys), made a great effort to finish on the final podium spot. "I had gone off the road with just over a kilometer remaining, but was helped back by Mornay and Brad, then gave it a go to manage a third place. Very happy with that, but sorry I couldn't get to Clint and help the team to a win."

Nolan Hoffman was pleased with his team's efforts on the day. “There was this tailwind from the side and I have done this race so many times that I know that if you get it right it’s impossible to come off the wheel. “Being a big guy with a tailwind like this and going slightly downhill were perfect conditions and I was so glad I could deliver the win.”

The results:

  1. Nolan Hoffman (team BCX)
  2. Clint Hendricks (RoadCover cycling team)
  3. Ryan Harris (RoadCover cycling team)
  4. Maurice Moller
  5. Thando Zothe (Rand Water - Trans Net)
  6. Gustav Basson (Pro Touch)

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