RoadCover Cycling team’s Brendon Davids wins the Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour.
July 10, 2017  

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The race took place in Knysna during the Knysna Oyster Festival which is a festival for tourism and sports in the picturesque Garden Route area.


Brendon Davids wins the Momentum Knysna Cycle Tour - Image - Mike Hewan

The RoadCover Cycling Team took part in the 115 km event on Sunday,  which included riders: Brad Potgieter, Brendon Davids, Clint Hendricks and Ryan Harris (an upcoming young rider from Durban who was invited as a guest rider with the Team, on loan from Team Genasys).  

“This is a prestigious event in it’s 30th year , which attracted the country’s top teams and riders from as far afield the Western Cape, through to Gauteng”

“Our plan for the team was to use the bigger climbs of the race, which are in the middle section of the route as a springboard for attack, but it was a long shot and never sure about the possibility of success” says the RoadCover Team Manager, Nic White.  

The race started off with a solo escape by David Maree of Team BCX. It was a brave move, but he was reeled in before Sedgefield on the N2 route.  The next noticeable escape consisted of a four-man group, which included Team RoadCover’s Captain, Brad Potgieter, Team BCX’s Nolan Hoffman & Calvin Beneke and a rider from Team Giant, but they were also brought back into the main group.

Another leading group formed with over 10 riders but eventually Brad Potgieter went clear in a lone effort to win the King of the Mountain prize in the hills near Karatara.

Potgieter was caught by RoadCover’s Brendon Davids and Steven Van Heerden of Team BCX. But Davids was intent to go alone and broke away in the last 40kms. Davids slowly built up a 50 second lead and opened up further when entering the lagoon road in Knysna.

Davids won convincingly and the chase group arrived over a minute later with Reynard Butler (Team BCX) finishing 2nd in a sprint with Thando Zothe in 3rd  (Rand Water Development Team). Clint Hendricks (Team RoadCover) was 4th with  Jayde Julius (Alfa Bodyworks) 5th and 6th Brad Potgieter (Team RoadCover).  

It was a well contested race in Knysna, with the Oyster Festival a real highlight of the winter season for that area and a boost to their economy.

“With the recent Knysna Fires, this year’s Knysna Oyster Festival is especially significant  as the community can really use the injection of tourism into the area,” comments Nic White.  “We are pleased that RoadCover was able show support for the region by participating in the event, along with so many other riders and sportsmen and their families,” concludes the RoadCover Team Manager.

    1.    Brendon Davids (RoadCover) 02:45:30
    2.    Reynard Butler (Team BCX) 02:47:19
    3.    Thando Zothe (Team Rand Water)  02:47:20
    4.    Clint Hendricks (RoadCover) 02:47:20
    5.    Jayde Julius (Alpha Body Works) 02:47:21
    6.    Brad Potgieter (RoadCover) 02:47:23



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