Big Sky Ride - Lesotho - 2007

 Ride up Sani Pass 25 km

The trip departed from Johannesburg, in a number of vehicles and Drifters Trucks, we travelled to the foot of the monstrous Sani Pass, and rode to our destination - Sani Top Chalets, 1000m and 25 odd kilometers later!

The climb was awe inspiring, and a tough challenge to conquer, but in the fading afternoon, the ambiance was fantastic, and the log fire lounge at Sani Top was heaven.

 Sani Top - Mokhotlong 65 km

The second day was a trip over black mountain and beyond to Mokhotlong, and the our group rode peacefully over the Sani Flats, up to Black Mountain nearly 3100m high, and then descended to lunch taking in some rural roads and villages.

This is a special day where we get up close to the people and enjoy some spectacular dirt climbs and descents.

 Mokhotlong - Oxbow 105 km

This day is a tar ride over some seriously long climbs and high altitudes. Again the groups set out at their own pace, and enjoyed the scenery unfold before them. We regrouped often, and enjoyed tea at a river before taking on the longest, tar climb in the country. Not too steep, but never ending. The color of the sky is a deep shade of blue once you reach the top and a hearty warm meal awaited, prepared by our Drifters guides.

The day was not over and some strange riding through the land of the giants was necessary before descending a lightning fast drop to our next destination - Oxbow.

 Oxbow - Fouriesburg 70 km

This final day took us up to the top of Moteng Pass, and then straight down the pass to the lowlands and through sandstone hills typical of the North Eastern Free State and Lesotho. The day ended after the border post and then we lunched in Fouriesburg before traveling back to Johannesburg

This picture was taken just before arriving at the Buthe Buthe border post. 30 riders had enjoyed an adventure by bike along one of the most spectacular roads in Africa.

Wayne Hayward provided pictures of the 2007 event.

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