Lesotho - 2006 - took on a new dimension!

The second year of the Ride over the Roof of Africa was a different one! We enlisted the help of Drifters, and brought along a Truck to carry our folk and gear. Together we journeyed to the foot of Sani, and raced up the slopes to beat the border closing! I had assembled a motley crew of riders, many non mountain bike riders, who would try to ascend Sani for their first off road experience! I must say that some did not make it, and had to do some serious walking or catch a lift from our numerous following vehicles.

one of the streams to cross on Sani Pass

We did have a fun bunch, and the joking went on with ferocity! We all made it into the warmth of Sani Top and enjoyed a few rounds of beer and a hearty meal together. My group was growing, and the logistics were getting a bit more difficult. but it went smoothly, even the Drifters Truck, a Man, managed to scale the heights of Sani Pass!

support from Drifters

We found a new route on day two, adding some really rural donkey paths to our trip. The weather was fine up until the afternoon of day 3, where after the lunch stop many decided to hitch a ride in the truck for the final 40 kms. Just a few die hard riders decided to go all the way, Me included and we rode through some icy rain, eventually turning to Hail on the downward run into the Oxbow village. 

an early start on the final day from Oxbow Lodge

To celebrate the success of the trip, we went big on the final night in Oxbow, partying just too much, which left a few very sore heads to start out on the final day's ride! 

It had been a great trip once again, and the reputation of the route was growing. I planned another one for the following year, and utilized the infrastructure of Drifters. We were able to then accommodate more people, to reach a maximum of 30 guests.

descending past mountain streams on day 2

This makes it a little bit more difficult, but it is still great fun. The riding is not easy, but naturally the groups form according to their ability, but the stops are frequent, keeping the bunch relatively close together. With a relaxed attitude, the faster of the group do not mind to wait for some of the slower riders, enjoying the scenery is part of the itinerary, and that means taking a break now and then to take it all in!

up high on the 'Roof'

Craig Dutton provided the images again.

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