Lesotho - 2005 - with Nic White

This was the start of what would become an annual event. Together with Ken Hill from Drifters, we recce-ed the route, and decided that a bike ride, over 4 days across the highest road in Southern Africa in Lesotho would be the makings of a great adventure.

Lower slopes of Sani Pass

We started with a group of about 10 people, and with borrowed vehicles, travelled from Johannesburg, and rode up the amazing Sani Pass, king of all passes, and then through on towards Fouriesburg in the Free state! The trip took us over 260 kms of dirt and tar road, and over numerous climbs and descents. We took a group of riders, not all in condition for the high altitude climbing that we did, but managed the group so that everyone was able to complete the ride together. 

The typical Basotho architecture!

It was a fantastic experience and accomplishment for everyone that joined me, and I am sure that they will not quickly forget the experience! I was also lucky to have Craig Dutton come along as well, and he took professional photographs of the trip, which I have used in creating awareness for the beauty of this adventure over the past years. He took amazing shots, and it was an added bonus for everyone to take these and share the visual splendor with those at home!

Pleasant riding through the rural scene!

We lodged at the best that Lesotho has to offer in those lonely mountains, enjoying the cosy atmosphere of Sani Top Chalet, the local Senqu Hotel and finally the New Oxbow Lodge for a night of luxury! 

The nature of the trail meant that we found ourselves at altitudes of up to 3255m and in all sorts of weather, from warm windless valleys, to high altitude rain and sleet. The mountains are unpredictable, and we had to be prepared for any occasion. Fortunately we were blessed with tame climatic conditions, and everyone managed well!

The success of the first trip meant that it was destined to happen again in November of the following year!

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