Nadine Visagie

We are very excited to announce that we have a new coach on-board the WhiteInc Coaching Platform with Nadine Visagie joining our team! 

Nadine comes with an extensive background in Sports Science and a wealth of experience in coaching and joins our current 3 coaches of Nic & Di White and Trevor Davies. We look forward to drawing from her knowledge base and broadening our coaching availability while still staying true to our core coaching vision of providing highly personalised, scientifically based programs delivered with care and precision for the athlete as a whole. Nadine studied at the University of Johannesburg: Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Sport Science (Cum Laude), 2008, as well as Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sport Psychology, 2005

As a Sport Scientist and UCI certified cycling coach, Nadine has a sound understanding of periodisation, programme prescription, strength and conditioning as well as athlete development. As a passionate cyclist and coach, she continues to dedicate time to increasing her knowledge in all areas of cycling performance. She has coached athletes in many sporting disciplines in both amateur as well professional capacity for the last 18 years.

Nadine used to compete as a semi-professional athlete in both road and mountain biking disciplines. She has personal experience with juggling the demands imposed by high level racing and other life responsibilities. Nadine is extremely driven to help athletes reach their full potential in cycling.

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